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They did a good job installing my windshield, but absolutely blew up the customer service side of things when we discovered that they scratched our vehicle.

Owner absolutely refused to accept responsibility, and argued that we couldn’t prove his staff did it. Not only that, but tried to compare the situation to damage while parking your vehicle at a mall, in a family member’s driveway, etc; without addressing that he had care and control of our vehicle when the damage occurred. Even tried to tell me that his parking lot was a public space until I reminded him that he had signs marking “authorized parking only.” Then his story changed that I would have to prove negligence on his part – which is also not true. In short, he was grasping at straws. Then he just reverted to challenging my integrity … again, terrible customer service.

Told me at one point to lawyer up, told us that he would get back to us and didn’t, told me that I should let the insurance companies fight it out … nothing but excuses.

Took my vehicle to a body shop who confirmed that the scratches were new, consistent with someone who was wearing something on their belt that scratched the vehicle. They said they’ve seen the same issue before … no surprise here.

We have warned our vehicle dealership, are contacting the better business bureau and will be spreading the word because again, no appropriate action taken by the owner.