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John Dorsch

For about 10 years I used Steve McCulloch for tax prep. After relocating to the Ottawa area we continued annually went out of our way to use him for tax prep. However this year will be the last time. After He handed me the bill for his services we reviewed our two basic personal returns and noticed that one T4 was missed. Steve made a very quick correction that took literally two minutes to do and then asked for $20 more dollars and frankly I thought he was joking. Shortly thereafter he again asked for $20 cash or if I wanted him to redo the bill. I’m not sure why after all the years he decided to treat us that way and it was insulting and improper with no justification for the extra $20. This kind of behaviour concerns me that we have not been getting value for our money and have been taken advantage of. We NO longer recommend Steve McCulloch for accounting purposes.