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Powerplay Pools

We are a full service and Installation company of In-ground , above-ground and on-ground pools.We also have a full line of supplies for both Hot Tubs and Pools
We are a full service and Installation company of In-ground , above-ground and on-ground pools.We also have a full line of supplies for both Hot Tubs and Pools

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We are a full service and Installation company of In-ground , above-ground and on-ground pools.We also have a full line of supplies for both Hot Tubs and Pools…… ….WE NOW HAVE HOT TUB RENTALS BY THE WEEKEND WEEK OR MONTH…… Call for Details

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Marc St.Louis - 2017-01-18 11:44:52

We had Powerplay Pools build us a fairly standard inground pool in 2016. The finished product is OK (actually still not completely finished) but the journey was a absolutely terrible. The quote process was easy, with a lot of site visits, they took all our ideas and provided advice and guidance on placement and the overall design. We signed the pool contract, then tried to decide on a contractor for the decking. This is where things started to go bad and we really should have pulled out of the pool contract at his point. We went with a different contractor for the decking after a really bad experience with the owner trying to quote the concrete for our project. The pool build then started late and off on the wrong foot. Contractors arrived for prework (on an hourly rate outside of the pool contract) to prep the site without instructions or any of the details we worked out during the design step. We believe we were over billed for hours not worked, the owner agreed to refund half of the disputed amount. The pool build was delayed a few weeks, despite being assured when we gave our deposit we would be one of first 2 or 3 projects in the spring. The owner then arrived at our house at 9pm on a Friday demanding the next payment before he would release his crew to start the pool hole on Monday. He left disappointed but not after threats were made and he embarrassed himself. The project schedule was a mess. This is our fault for managing the subs ourselves, but Powerplay could not schedule us back into their schedule in a timely manner. They had way too many projects on the go. It took more then 25 emails to have Powerplay show up to move our heater in place. They made 3 trips for the heater, the first 2 trips they sent a single person to move a 400lbs heater. We eventually told Powerplay we were going to have another contractor move the heater in place and deduct the cost from the balance we owed before they arrived to move it in place. The same tactic was used to get the liner installed. We booked the water trucks to arrive on a Tuesday and if the liner wasn't ready Powerplay would foot the bill for the water. Miraculously they arrived on the Tuesday to install the liner. BUT, not without drama. The owner called his crew just before the liner was ready for water and told them to stop work. He required payment before he would release his crew to complete the job. We were holding back payment due to the issues we were having. He would not accept a check, and does not accept the only credit card we had. With the water trucks waiting, we had to drive into town to get cash before he would release his crew to finish the job. The liner ended up with 50-60 wrinkles in it. The owner initially would not correct the problem, claiming his crew was rushed because the water trucks arrived early and the wrinkles were "on us". We brought in 2 other pool builders to assess the liner and they both agreed it was either installed incorrectly or not the right size. Powerplay eventually did agree to replace the liner, but only after the opinions of other pool builders were shared. We had the replacement liner installed in late fall and it's now almost perfect. But we still need someone back (won't be Powerplay) in the spring to reinstall the lights, correct plumbing and finish the job. We can't recommend Powerplay, but if you do use them: -Don't accept the standard payment plan in the contract. Over 80% of payment is due before a hole is even started. You need more leverage with this company. -Avoid dealing with the owner. Work through Corey Foster instead. -Be onsite during the build. Every aspect of the build is rushed with this company and you need to be there to inspect all work. -Scrutinize any other work you have them do. They are competitive on the pool price and assume they try to improve profit with the other add-on work. We had a bad impression of their concrete work and quote and feel we were over billed for the only other piece of work we had them do. Good luck!

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