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Hey Shawn:
Great directory you’ve got here! Hope things are going well for you at Gallant Media.
Can I update my listing? Still just wanting the free listing. Would love to do it myself, but if I can’t –
The image at the top is broken. Do you need an image from me? I would be happy to provide one.
Can you ensure I’m listed under the categories for Health & Wellness as well as Homeopathy & Alternative?
Can you list Acupuncture under the range of services?
Can I update my company profile?
Also, do I have a username and password? If so can you provide them for me?
Finally, my Hours need to be changed. Open Tues and Wed 10-7, fri 10-4, ***Mon 10-1, closed Saturday and Sunday)
Finally, do you mind changing the e-mail link from send mail to info@valleynaturopath.ca ?